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1.32 billion.

That’s how many conversations Drift customers have had so far in 2019. And we still have more than a month left until the year comes to a close.

There’s so much gold that can be found in the conversations you have with your prospects and customers.

And we want to show how to find it and use it to your advantage.

In order to do that, we enlisted two of Drift’s Conversational Marketing experts, Sara Pion and Sarah Laeuchli.

Join us for this live webinar to learn how you can you discover hidden insights from all of your conversations and improve your buying experience.

About the Presenters

Sarah Laeuchli
Senior Product Manager @ Drift

Sarah Laeuchli is a Senior Product Manager on Drift Automation & Team lead for Conversational AI Design. She works with companies to help them understand and leverage their conversational data to automate the buying experience.

Conversational Marketing Manager @ Drift

Sara is a Conversational Marketing Manager who works as the resident bot builder for Drift in addition to automating lead generation and outreach on behalf of our sales team. She’s been working at Drift for two years, started as the first customer advocate, and has been a part of the Marketing and Growth teams for 8 months. She lives for putting easter eggs into bots, surprising and delighting customers, and building the most conversational flows for site visitors.

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