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SEO Strategies for Different Business Models

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One fundamental mistake we make in SEO is to treat all sites alike. We throw statements about ranking factors and priorities around as if there was no difference between companies. But, just like veteranarians don’t treat every animal the same way, we need to overthink our approach for different business models and types of sites.

During this live session with G2’s VP of SEO and Content, Kevin Indig, and Bill King who runs SEO at Drift, you’ll have the opportunity to ask these experts any and all questions.

About the Presenters


Kevin Indig has helped companies acquire +100M users over the last 10 years. He’s currently VP SEO & CONTENT @ G2. Companies Kevin worked with include brands like Atlassian, eBay, Bosch, Samsung, Dailymotion, Pinterest, Columbia, UBS and many others 🚀.

SEO & Paid Acquisition Manager @ Drift

Bill King is a former professional poker player, turned marketer. Bill currently leads SEO & Paid Acquisition at Drift, and has previously worked on growth at unicorn startups such as AvidXchange & Hubspot.

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