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During this interactive session, we will be reviewing your playbooks LIVE! Sammi Reinstein, Conversational Marketing Specialist at Drift, and Sara Pion, who is the resident bot builder for Drift are here to help you improve your playbooks and drive up your conversion rates. Bring any playbooks you would like us to review!

Feel free to join if you’re not a Drift customer to learn tips and tricks to building the best conversations.

About the Presenters

Conversational Marketing Manager

Sara is a Growth Marketer who works as the resident bot builder for Drift in addition to automating lead generation and outreach on behalf of our sales team. She’s been working at Drift for two years, started as the first customer advocate, and has been a part of the Marketing and Growth teams for 8 months. She lives for putting easter eggs into bots, surprising and delighting customers, and building the most conversational flows for site visitors.

Conversational Marketing Specialist

Sammi is a Conversational Marketing Specialist who works on the Professional Services team at Drift. She helps customers optimize their bots and create compelling experiences with conversational marketing. She nerds out over personalization, experience optimization, and of course, all things chatbots. She loves helping people become Conversational Marketing experts.

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