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Drift Insider+ goes a layer (OK, it’s more like a mile) deeper than what you get for free on Drift.com from our blog, podcasts, and Drift Insider. An Insider+ membership costs $99/year and gets you exclusive access to everything we don’t share publicly, plus you’ll get early access to new swag, VIP tickets to all of our events, and you’ll get to test new Drift products before 
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Imagine you could get advice, share learnings, or ask for feedback from a private group of people just like you in sales and marketing? As an Insider+ members, you’ll get access to top marketing and sales executives. Ask them your most pressing questions and get strategic advice.

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Not only will you get free tickets to HYPERGROWTH but you’ll get VIP tickets at an exclusive discount.

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We have a book library for Drift employees with hundreds of books that cover everything from sales and marketing, to business strategy, to mindset and performance. Get access to this list and hear our take on the books that inspired and changed us.

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