Each Certification consists of expert-led classes to help you grow your career. With each certification earned, add a badge to your LinkedIn profile and rack up the achievements in your Insider profile.

Virtual Events Certification

This certification is led by virtual events experts who will teach you a strategic framework to drive pipeline and new business from your next virtual event.

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Conversational Marketing Certification

Conversational Marketing accelerates business revenue by removing friction from the customer experience. This certification is led by Conversational Marketing experts who will provide real-world examples and actionable tips for you to implement today.

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Conversational Sales Certification

Conversational sales is a new way of thinking because it’s focused on the buyer’s goals first and your business’s goals second. In this course, learn how to use Conversational Sales to create more sales opportunities, create better buying experiences, and keep potential buyers engaged.

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The Playbook Basics Certification

By the time you have completed the Playbook Basics certification, you will be ready to complete the playbook basics assessment and have 3 playbooks live in Drift–and more playbooks mean more conversations!

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